The Sourcing Solution is an importer of promotional items manufactured primarily in mainland China, Vietnam and Mexico. Our mission is to help our distributor partners achieve lower net costs and increase their profitability so that they can deliver more value to their customer relationships.


  • We can save you 30%-60% on most items you currently buy from domestic PPAI Suppliers at low MOQ's.
  • We have wholly owned offices in China and Mexico staffed by experienced back-end sourcing, quality control and logistics personnel.
  • Our experienced management and sales personnel have a combined 40+ years experience on the distributor and buyer side of the promotional products industry.
  • We have long standing factory relationships in China, Vietnam and Mexico and have a clear understanding of the cultural differences.

What Do You Get?

  • 30% - 60% distributor cost savings over most domestic suppliers' EQP pricing
  • Quotes returned in 24 to 48 hours (most projects)
  • A dedicated and knowledgeable account executive to help you achieve higher margins
  • Creative ideas to help land the big client order
  • In-house management of all international and domestic logistics

When This Solution Is Applicable?

  • When the order in-hands date is 30 to 45 days out
  • Ideal for large predictable annual client purchases (events, trade shows, B2C marketing)
  • Ideal for inventory programs - can spread multiple logos across base products
  • Original custom products developed & manufactured to meet your customers' creative needs
  • Potential orders that exceed $2,500 distributor net costs

Always Keep in Mind...

  • The Sourcing Solution tries our best to keep prices current and accurate on our website. But as an importer, a wide variety of activities have significant impact on final pricing...
    • A governmental entity increasing enforcement of environmental regulations.
    • Changes in global availability of freight space - particularly ocean-going vessels.
    • Fluctuations in currency rates.
    • Political rhetoric.
  • For each project, please contact us for a firm, delivered, current price quote.