The Sourcing Solution is dedicated to Promotional Products Distributors. Our goal is to help you source unique and custom products at a lower price, helping you to be more competitive and drive more margin to your bottom line. Our dedicated global staff, with company employees in China, Mexico and the US, has developed relationships with factories willing to produce new and custom items, with smaller order sizes and fast delivery times.

We work with the best factories to insure quality, great pricing and timely delivery. Many of our factories have the highest corporate approvals like McDonald's, WalMart and Disney as well as international audit certifications. 

No longer does your order need to be 10,000 units for it to be custom made overseas. Often, we can source an order of 1,000 units and have it delivered within 30 days. Need it in 60 days; we can save the air freight cost. With employees on the ground in China and Mexico, we have the ability to manage orders, shipping, logistics and quality control globally.

Since China has a 12 hour difference from the US, our people start working quote requests in the morning in China while we sleep in the US. We can usually turn a quote request within 48 hours. If China timing doesn't work we have near-shore options in Mexico, Central and South America.

With a combined 40+ years experience working directly with factories all over the world, we use this experience to help our clients get the job done on time and for less cost. Give us an opportunity to quote your next order. The Sourcing Solution WILL be your sourcing solution in the exciting and profitable world of overseas sourcing. Contact us for a quote today!